Manifest the Money You Want In Your Life Through Using the Most Powerful Energy in the Body Without Selling Your Soul.

The Orgasmic Money self-coaching step-by-step program that teaches how to use the power of orgasmic energy to fuel your manifestations &  your desires into reality, quickly while harnessing pleasure.


Imagine you receiving more money NOT by working harder, through strategic secrets, but rather through having more orgasm which removes internal blocks towards abundance naturally.

​What kind of life could you create if you decide to follow your bliss?

In sexuality, the word orgasm refers to a climactic peak of sexual, electrical forces, in which the nervous system is overcharged with sexual energy, resulting in a massive release of energy. 

The Physical Benefits

Orgasm leads to feelings of euphoria and pleasure, the list can be quite long, but here are a few of the amazing medically proven physical health benefits: 

🔺Live longer 
🔺Burn calories 
🔺Promote relaxation and release tension 
🔺Increase blood circulation in body/brain 
🔺Increased mental sharpness 
🔺Improve, deeper sleep 
🔺Slow down aging/reduce wrinkles 
🔺Reduces anxiety 
🔺Immunise system booster 
🔺Lower pain & improve the menstrual cycle 
🔺Give you great skin 
🔺Improved muscle tone /disappearance of fat 
🔺Release of toxins 
🔺Firmer breasts/tone abdominal muscles 
🔺 Improve the ability to have more orgasms 
🔺 Activates relaxation
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The Spiritual Benefits

Sex and orgasm have been used as spirituality tools to reach higher states of consciousness. It can be used to experience enlightenment: 

🔻Improved state of receptivity 
🔻Dissolves ego, limitations, and barriers 
🔻 Unblocks energetic flow (chakras) 
🔻Tap into your infinite nature 
🔻Tap into a higher state of consciousness 
🔻 Access higher levels of enlightenment 
🔻 Regeneration of the calf muscles 
🔻 Use creative energy for optimal wellbeing 
🔻 Going "beyond sex" 
🔻 Produces feelings of bliss 
🔻 Kundalini Awakening 
🔻 Channeling sexual force “inwards” 
 🔻 Sex without sex 
🔻 Orgasmic bliss (no physical touch)
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The Psychological Benefits

Orgasmic energy was found to have the most impact on our ability to literally change our brain, thought processes, and hard-wired habits: 

🔴Neurogenesis, improve mental health 
🔴Physically transform our brains 
🔴Unleash our inner superpowers  
🔴Create pathways that support focus  
🔴Acting upon the goals you set 
🔴Improve your quality of life 
🔴Orgasmic Euphoric States Using Your Mind 
🔴Boost self-esteem 
🔴Activate the reward circuit in the brain 
🔴Induces euphoria 
🔴Reduces anxiety/depression
🔴Raises DHEA, improved memory, smarter 
🔴Lifts your spirits 
🔴Manage motivation, power of will, interest, pleasure, attention, and concentration 
🔴Oxytocin plays a major role in social bonding, generosity, compassion
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Working with Adjanys has been the greatest blessing. I’ve grown not only in my mindset but in my income streams. With her help, I’m confident in reaching out to my niche and being my real-ass self to attract the people who wanna work with me. Thank you for being the most brilliant, shiny, sharing coach out there babe!! I’m excited to see what the next 12 months of coaching bring! | ​KellyAnne Herman | Cosmic Advisor & Tarot Reader
Learn to use creative, orgasmic, sexual energy to raise your vibration is the most natural way. This technique is particularly powerful because it uses orgasmic energy to create and jet fuel your desires manifest them with ease. 

In a few weeks, you could...

Be in (what Abraham calls) perfect alignment
Be making great strides into your abundant nature, easily and with more fun and pleasure
Free from the negative internal dialogue and resistance
Be richer, seriously making more money and attracting abundance at all levels
Have raised your vibration and eradicated limitations and the barriers to your financial freedom
Experience richer, deeper, more delicious orgasms
Experience multiple orgasm and energy (no touch,) orgasm
Accelerated and improve your ability to manifest
Have raised your vibration, so that your desires happen easily, naturally, and spontaneously

... oh money!


You can manifest but manifesting money feel particularly extra challenging?
Money feels hard?

Do you feel called an orgasmic, pleasurable life, where money cant stay away?

You are terrified of not having money so you restrict your spending?

Not having money making you feel small, powerless and unsuccessful?

You cant see how you can become a mystical millionaire but deeply desire it?

Do you feel like you should be making more money?

You know that you're meant for more money!

This is my life's work, I'm so proud to bring you this course. It is comprehensive and it explains how to start manifesting with the most creative powerful energy that also happens to be the easiest way.

When its easy and pleasurable your brain will find ways to incorporate it into a priority. We are as human beings are highly motivated to seek pleasure-inducing experiences and activities. This practice is not just effective but is oh ohh ohhhh so fun!  This feels so good body, mind, and soul that you'll love to practice, seriously.   Creative or sexual energy is something we all possess and can use even without climaxing, so don't worry if orgasms don't come easily (yet),  this step-by-step system will work for everyone.

So many benefits will be experienced.
Increased pleasure (remember, like attracts like, if you experience pleasure more often then you'll attract more pleasurable experiences)!

​Learn to use sexual and orgasmic energy to hack your belief system, access flow and altered states of mind!!!
 Adjanys has been a blessing & the answer to a wanting I didn’t know I had & a desire my soul must have put out there knowing what I needed. I have a different way of navigating & flowing through life & love to do things my own way. Adjanys was perfectly tuned into my needs & intuitive in her approach to voice the words I was trying to find! Grounding yet just as woo-woo as me. Loving & always gentle yet sturdy & strong. Honest & caring and always holds me in a space of unconditional positive regard. I feel very grateful to have the opportunity not only to have worked with her but to have her love, support, friendship & presence in my life as well.

... who is this course for?

Whos this is for...-Sexy goddesses unapologetically badass and spiritual
-Looking for a natural way of healing the body, mind, and soul
-Tired of efforting, ready for ease
-Desire to reverse the clock and look and feel younger
-Looking for alternative ways to expand your consciousness
-Let's face it, looking for more, better, longer, or multiple orgasms
-Looking to induce an alternate state of consciousness 
-Altering brain activity to produce a trance-like state, deepen meditation
-If you love the spirituality and science combo
-Go beyond primal desires into deep spiritual exploration
-Boost levels of endorphins (hormones that fight depression/anxiety)
-Improves brain function, balance the immune system
-Help maintain and repair tissue, and promotes healthy skin
-Improves your overall physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health and wellness.

Adjanys' energy is epic – and she really carries that around in person, in her writing, and in all of her communication. If you need some serious up-leveling, reach out to Adjanys because she will open your eyes to see things very differently. I can't thank her enough and I will definitely be working with her again on future projects!!!”

Eunice, Money Mindset Coach |

... What You Will Experience Inside Orgasmic Money

Welcome & Introduction to Orgasmic Money 

Course Overview, Structure & Pre-work
Orgasmic Breathing to Activate Sexual Energy
The Brain and How it works
The Anatomy of Beliefs
Introducing o manifesting 
Divine Femininity
Manifestation and Law of Attraction
Increase Desire, Reduce Resistance
Effusing Your Desire with Power like Rocket Fuel
Master Your Abundance Mindset and Drop Scarcity
Confidence: How To Think, Feel, And Be Unstoppable

Remove Barriers and Limitations
Deepen Your Spirituality With Orgasmic Energy
Sacredness of Your Sexuality and Temple
Meditation to Increase Intuition
Orgasmic (Money) Creation Practice
Getting into Perfect Alignment
Embody Next Level You, Decide Your New Story
Orgasms On Demand and Basic Tantra
Increase Libido, Sexual Desire, and Deep Orgasms
Self Love, self-care and Taking Care of the Temple
Increase Self Worth and Net Worth
Rituals, Habits, and Practices to Raise Vibration
Reframe Negative Consequences

This Is A Genius. 
Proven healing, transformative and coursework where you learn to harness build your creative manifesting power and clear blocks effortlessly.

Most powerful takeaways will you learn from the Orgasmic Millionaire course

A step-by-step program that teaches how to use the power of orgasmic energy to fuel your manifestations &  your desires into reality, quickly while harnessing pleasure.
Get turned on, not just sexually but turn on your powerful intentional creation ability effortlessly Give yourself permission to be worthy, embody the rich and sexy powerful version of you activated single-handedly by tapping into orgasmic energy.
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Increase vitality, mental health, clarity, remove fear, feel balance, master your mindset, and develop the peace of mind. Amplify your manifesting power, finally, discover the key to improving your inner reality as it out pictures into the physical reality.
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Increase your ability and sharpen your intuition, get so close to yourself, others and so close to source energy and feel massively supported. Make more money, feel abundant, feel gratitude about your wealthy nature, develop certainty in your ability to attract massive wealth. and more…
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Close your eyes and imagine... Go there with me for a minute...

That the more pleasure you experience the easier it becomes to attract money effortlessly
Imagine having complete peace of mind when it comes to your finances
Imagine if you dropped the money struggle for good, what's your mood, vibration?
If you have all the money you need and more, how would you take care of you, family, your partner
Imagine every time you make love, have orgasm money comes to you unexpectedly
Imagine paying all your bills (in advance!!), living in complete financial abundance
Imagine having multiple orgasms and living in perpetual bliss and harmony with all
Imagine not caring about anything more than your pleasure (well-being), and that brings you more pleasure
Imagine retiring your husband so you can travel with the family
Picture traveling to anywhere you desire and bringing the people you most enjoy
Imagine giving to your favorite causes and being massively generous, because you are not broke
Who would you be if you were never again stressed over money?
Can you see it, paying cash for your dream home, car, the kid's college and having a fat bank account?!

Orgasms may also help you undo harmful beliefs and manifest what you want in your lives.

This Program Is For You If:

Your life feels blah, passionless, feels like something is missing
You want to (re) awaken your sensual sexual divine feminine goddess nature
You have been doing "all the things" but cant manifest with ease and joy or speed
You want to heal shame around body and sexuality
Consider your body a sacred vessel and want to tap into your divine sexual priestess
Want to have more orgasms, more intense orgasms, and energy orgasms
Deeply desire to love your body 100% and feel sexy (at any size)
Ready to drop the money struggle and attract money easily 
You see people manifesting epic shit but it hasn't worked for you 
You finally want to just enjoy being a woman
You want to learn more about feminine energy, tantra, self-love
Know this is the YOUR next step in your spiritual journey


I’m On A Mission To Make Women Rich Easily.
To give you choice.

Are you just tired of money feeling so hard?
How this process helped me become incredibly confident, feel good about being sexy and made me a powerful money magnet.

I used orgasmic manifestation before I knew it was a thing. Ancient wisdom found me unexpectedly. I feel sort of anointed for it since the process came to be completely from the divine realm. Now,  I'm super excited to be a sage and messenger of this work, also as a pioneer of this work, I love the new wave of sexy mystics exploring this.

I've seen this work move from the occult to totally mainstream women's health. I'm so proud to be part of this massive orgasmic movement and its how I intend to become a millionaire.

It has happened already so many times. I believe I "invent" a process then discover its a real thing! 5 years ago I thought I invent a process of journaling on the future as if it already happen in the past and I was recalling a memory. I was so excited I shared it right away. Now I hear my friends and clients use the very same process (with different names nonetheless) and feel validated in my divine alignment!

The first time I actually started to find more information about orgasmic manifestation was more like sex magic, and by this time I had been an orgasmic manifestation practitioner but thought what I was doing was totally made up, I thought it was doing something basically divinely revealed to me, for me, but quickly I understood I wrong. I was given a special gift to heal the feminine and our sexuality.

I decided to intentionally learn all I could about using orgasmic energy to increase my psychic abilities and manipulate the future. This work appeals to me since I have always had a strong pull towards orgasms.

 In fact, "sex magic" is a very primitive and powerful way of raising energy in order to manifest your desires.

Not too long ago, I had a massive break up that left me devastated, shortly after I was given notice to vacate my apt and lost my job! 

I couldn't shake the guy and using this method, we were back together a few months later, now have a beautiful family together and own a 1/2 million dollar home in Los Angeles. Obviously, the story is much longer but that really the gist of it. 

I also used this method to manifest my dream job as a beauty photographer for Target! Yes, something that seemed like an impossible dream took only 2 months and a great salary to match!

I was blowing my own mind. So I started to track and document my wins and discovered not only how to amplify the power of my desire but I went of a spiritual "pilgrimage" and vowed to learn everything I could about getting the unfair advantage and manipulating my future, especially when it came to finances, the most painful part of my life was lack of money. 

Now I have unlimited time and freedom and started dream business working with amazing mystics. My life, income, and love are flourishing bringing me closer to the millionairess lifestyle! I want you to come with!

This is not about adding something else to your endless to-do list. It's about leveraging resources, routines, and practices to uncover and remove whats stopping you, revamp the way you think to blow the lid off limitations and fears, reconnect to your sexy feminine side, become a parenting master, overcome self-doubt, do motherhood on your terms, move towards your ideal life, feel heard, become unshakeable in your power, develop certainty in becoming wildly wealthy, monetize your fun, get happy AF, rediscover your orgasmic self and find the courage to go always for GOLD!



Orgasmic Money is a step-by-step program that teaches how to use the power of orgasmic energy to fuel your manifestations &  your desires into reality, quickly while harnessing pleasure. 

Your orgasmic energy is your manifesting rocket fuel energy. Your Unconscious Mind is a “Magical” Powerhouse and now you can learn to use naturally raise your vibration, get into perfect alignment and let pleasure lead you to your abundance with physical, medical and science-backed results. Clearing blocks are finally sexy.

Module 1: 
The Power of the Mind

Understanding how the mind works to completely transform the way it operates making it work for you and not against you. Very deep dive into understanding how the conscious and subconscious works, to give you lasting and duplicatable results.
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  • Understand the mind; Mindset deep-dive!
  • Developing a foundational structure that supports your up-leveling
  • Reprogramming the mind for abundance 

VALUE $997

Module 5: The SelfWorth = NetWorth  

Confidence Mastery! Yes, ramp up your confidence. The truth is that you can develop a solid foundation in which money, satisfaction, deservingness are naturally expected and you can feel in full love and acceptance of yourself. Confidence in you, God and others. Trust.
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  • Shift your dominant vibe to the vibe of love
  • Getting better or getting bitter; letting go
  • Strategies to transform, develop REAL confidence & the amazing attitude formula

​VALUE $997

Module 2: 
Awaken Pleasure 

Discover the sensual goddess inside. Introduction to Tantra, sex and spiritual philosophies to explore your higher self and tap into your subconscious mind. We explore expanding our psychic abilities.
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  • Developing your intuition, divine feminine
  • Understand the nervous system and how it works with pleasure
  • Build sexual energy

VALUE $997

Module 6: 
Sexuality & Sensuality 

Orgasms "on demand" for real! Let's talk about sex baby! You will learn how to be in control of your sexuality through a number of powerful mind training exercises, as well as get access to an easy, innovative libido boosting diet and exercise plan
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  • Use orgasms as a life-changing tool 
  • Experience earth-shattering orgasms
  • True self-worth and deeper spirituality as a byproduct of experiencing more pleasure 

​VALUE $997

Module 3: 
The Energy of Money 

This is an amazing section fully devoted to money! Remove limitations, barriers, and scarcity. Develop awareness around self-sabotage, upper limits, true need and becoming the expert witness. Develop entitlement and expectation.
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  • Measure, track and monitor your abundance
  • The anatomy of beliefs and releasing barriers
  • Feel empowered to make money easily, effortlessly

​VALUE $997

Module 7: Orgasmic Manifestation 

 It’s just a backdoor into your own subconscious via the nervous system. Most importantly it's effective and fun. Leverage the most powerful moment of existence, orgasm! Let to channeling the energy into creating a reality.
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  • Utilizing sexual energy to create a reality and/or expand consciousness 
  • Open the window to the unlimited abundance of the unlimited universe
  • Heighten your senses and psychic powers

​VALUE $997

Module 4: Spiritual Laws Of The Universe 

Law of attraction is a powerful force responsible for all you have ever experienced however it's not the only power available to you. There is a whole matrix of spiritual laws that impact you. When you encounter obstacles there's a misunderstanding of the connections between the law
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  • Developing your intuition, divine feminine
  • Understand the nervous system and how it works with pleasure
  • Build sexual energy

​VALUE $997

Module 8: 
Emotional Mastery 

Emotional intelligence is one of the most valuable skills you can ever acquire. By developing your emotional intelligence skills, you are able to regulate your own emotions. Emotions fuel your desires, you want to master this!
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  • NLP techniques to rewire emotional reactions and anchor positive emotions
  • Cope with challenges using humor and other self-empowerment techniques
  • How to take back your power and putting yourself first

​VALUE $997

Top 11 Undeniable Reasons Why You "Should" Join:

  • 1. THE BEST ORGASMIC ENERGY MANIFESTING COURSE: There is no better! The life-altering ancient wisdom that will at every step making you feel a deeper awakening, empowered and free with science-backed evidence. In this course, you will come upon the most exciting, inspiring, powerful orgasmic essence, your life force, the holy grail.
  • 2. THE ONLY WAY TO WORK WITH ME: My clients love to be in my energy, they experience deep levels of awakening and are blow away by the results. My one-on-one has a WAITLIST, this is the fastest way to work together
  • 3. THE OTHER ORGASMIC MILLIONAIRESS: You also get to immerse in the world of remarkable SEXY MYSTICS around the world. A "mastermind"-ish of kindred souls, when you join this course you magically find yourself surrounded by sensual wise wonder-filled soulmates and you co-create together, intimately share a part of each others journey to enlightenment.
  • 4. PERFECT ALIGNMENT: Orgasmic bliss is what Abraham Hicks refers to as pure alignment, "welcome to the vortex my dear!" The main reason we are here is to feel good, well-being in all areas of our lives. This is the ultimate feel good course, the information will make you feel empowered and the practice will create a reality wilder than you can imagine!
  • 5.THIS IS FOR YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH: This course if for YOU (not me, transparency disclaimer) I created this to pass on to you as a sacred gift something that is already beautiful and active in my life. I want all women to awaken to their power and have a life filled with pleasure. I want all the women to heal their sexual traumas at the soul level, its time to heal this for you and all the generations before you, you get to do this for your spiritual lineage, this is an amazing breaking of shame, fear, prosecution of femininity, etc ( basically energetic "curses").
  • 6.EXPERTLY LED AND SUPPORTED: Everything you ever wanted to know about becoming awake, enlighten and intentional creation is available for FREE. God never intended this to be for just a few, or secret, or bad, this power is available to all women. But a lot of us even when we feel we "know" the way to use orgasmic energy to manifest still have not made your big important manifestation happen. The point love is that you don't have to do this alone.
  • 7.COMMITMENT: So let's talk about commitment at different levels (free and paid), so you can gauge how ready you are to really do this. There are tons of free life-changing information out there, at the very least very cheap often found in books and blogs, etc! Unfortunately, the humans often ignore FREE information the count that its well, free. The subconscious mind often makes us believe that if it's free or cheap it's ineffective. So you see, I can give this information away (and I have) yet what I noticed that my paid clients ALWAYS got massive results, why my free clients or friends remained the same. Payment equals commitment, commitment is how you see results.
  • 8.SET A STANDARD: When you pay you to open your heart to receiving the guidance and if you're a business owner you are also becoming a vibrational match so that people PAY YOU. By paying you are telling the universe you are also ready to be paid. (So awesome right!)
  • 9.A SIGN FROM THE UNIVERSE: If you're waiting on a sign, here it is! It makes me crazy when soul-led mystics and entrepreneurs say they are waiting on some external sign to take on an internal decision. It should be backward. And honestly, you are a vibrational match for everything you see and attract. Clearly if you are on this page, you can take that as a sign. But remember inner reality always affects outer reality, never the other way, so if you see an external "sign" I would be willing to be money that internally you already felt the pull.
  • 10. BECAUSE THE TIME IS ALWAYS NOW: Seriously if you're reading this now, then now is the time! It’s right now, the best opportunity you could ever choose to change everything. It takes third-dimensional (physic action) action to achieve third-dimensional results, create a vacuum in which the universe can come in a fill. If you're curious or feel attracted to this work in any way, take that as the sign that is your best next step.
  • 11. The price is going to go up !
Orgasm is one of your most potent and effective creative forces, it’s time to utilize it!

It’s time to release the shame, the guilt, and the shyness of this part of life.


Are you ready to join me?

My Intent for You 

 To activate you into your natural superpower, attracting to you so much wealth and abundance! Say this with me, when I make love, I make money!

Imagine being able to say yes, and only yes to all the amazing things your soul came here to experience, like travel, unlimited time with the people you love, maybe you can finally start the business, grow the business, pay off the mortgage, get a baby sitter/nanny, meditate in the Himalayas, shit, I don't know, you may just want to buy organic food!

You may want the peace of mind that comes from feeling fully supported by money. Money doesn't hate you, it's your passionate love expression.

Money is God/Universe in action.

Want to uplevel your money game with ease? 
Let this be your declaration of financial independence and send a powerful sign to the universe that you are on the vibration of the abundance you deserve!
Listen, orgasm is an amazing human experience. The word itself describes a powerful release of creative energy. It's the big bang!

Using sexual energy to raise your vibration is the most natural thing in the world. This technique is the most potent way to direct unadulterated power to achieve the outcomes you what in your life.

Unfortunately, ignorance, family, society, and religion have corrupted our understanding, acceptance and our ability to enjoying this very normal manifesting power. Sex and money are very taboo topics, and when you combine the two, people have very strong reactions but orgasm is creation, its bliss, its pleasure, its power!

Make the most of your orgasmic god-like superpower and easily create what you most want!

Open Now! The 10 spots will sell out.