About Adjanys

I was chatterbox smart mouth smart audacious girl born and partly raised in the paradise island of Puerto Rico who's dream was to live creatively.
Fitness, Photography, Fashion Design, Illustration, Graphic Design and my love for learning were the stepping stone that shaped my desire to help people achieve internal and external transformations.

prepaved my dream business and all the things I learned along the way helped me create a heart center business with a naughty flare.

I'm a Gemini, so naturally, I love knowledge so I've trained a lot!

I fucking love what I do! I LOVE setting you free by teaching you to explore the immense holistic health, sexual and spiritual possibilities open to you. I offer you numerous ways to discover and delight in these possibilities: Coaching and Teaching! I urge you to link with me for the Orgasmic life-changing experiences in the limitless areas of manifestation & attraction.
Personal Mission
"I lead women into their genius inspiring them to be more than they thought they could be helping them cultivate self-worth and net-worth".

I have a compelling mission, my soul's desire is to teach women to truly reconnect and love, to dive deeply into themselves to find the divine and live a life full of vigor, passion, and joy. I dream of women who rule the world.

Women are the givers of life, nurturers, teachers and the only humans who can make more humans. We deserve a sexy existence, where you feel that your life is magnified by being a woman and not held back. I will help you see how valuable you are to your happiness, your partner, and your family and you will live with so much appreciation that manifesting your dream life will just happen!
My Clients
I work with unhappy, drained, stuck but empowered women that feel sort of lost, get sexier and feel more connected, mind, body, and spirit by teaching them how to create the reality they desire using Law of Attraction and orgasmic energy.

My clients find me when they want to eliminate limitations, remove insecurities, remove guilt & shame, develop sensuality & intimacy, desire to feel deserving, increase confidence, take full responsibility for what they attracted to now create their dream reality, develop a heart-centered business and life, ready for drastic change, have integrity and high level of committed, ready to do the work, ready to level up in a big way, want to live fully free removing fear-based beliefs and get connected to your body, souls purpose and passion. 

I connect with your most intimate desires to get you to make radical changes to get you SEXY, happy and a meaningful purpose while becoming the best mom and partner you could ever dream of.

I help you Clear, Heal and Resolve what is keeping feeling invisible and stuck. 

When you align your spiritual purpose with creative power, an abundance of creativity and overflow will manifest in health, wealth, love, and happiness in all aspects of your existence including money, orgasms, real love, passion, drive, health, fitness and motivation in waves of abundance!

WAVES of abundance through waves of pleasure!